Scott and the Crew
Sizing for the next cut
The Crew
Joinery example
Bents stacked and ready
Bents going up
Checking for square
Grant and the persuader
End of the week
The following are all that attended Scott’s November 2003 Workshop along with six individuals from each coast and states in between.

Timber framing is a centuries-old craft. Using its most traditional definition, timber framing is a specific type of post and beam construction in which a frame is created from solid wood timbers that are connected with wooden, furniture-like joinery secured with hardwood pegs. The frame is covered with any of a number of enclosure systems. Normally the timbers remain exposed to the interior of the building.

Today, timber framers use both hand tools and advanced technology to produce visually appealing structural building framing using heavy-timber posts, beams, and other supporting elements. We embrace both traditional handcrafted techniques, as well as high-tech manufactured framing for a wide range of attractive and cost-effective residential and commercial buildings.

As a building system, timber framing lends itself to residential and commercial construction and a wide variety of architectural styles ... contemporary, rustic, southwest, oriental and colonial to name just a few. It is also compatible with many other building systems and materials such as structural insulated panels, logs, engineered wood products and stud systems.
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