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We are an outdoor loving couple and have driven the back roads of the Missouri country side for many years searching for the perfect get-away acreage.  We always seem to come back to Arcadia Valley when we were looking for recreational property, we searched North, South and West of St. Louis, starting about a half hour of travel time to an hour and a half travel time from St. Louis.

We basically started with a radius around the city starting with a thirty minute drive, acreage in that area was very expensive, just lots that were five acres and less, way out of our price range. So we pushed the radius further and further away from the city until we hit our limit of an hour and a half travel time. We used the old Post Dispatch web paper to search for acreage for sale as this became a weekly event, printing properties we were interested in, loading up the truck and visiting the properties on the weekends.

We were blessed with finding acreage in Arcadia Valley, the property was being sold privately and there were several parties looking and interested in the land, but for whatever reason the owners felt more comfortable dealing with us rather than some of the others that were interested in the land. Several life changing events took place between the time we decided to buy the acreage and when we actually put money down and pen and paper to make the arrangement official that would have kept us from buying the land but there was something that was putting the property within our grasp, one being a major job change. The place must have meant to be ours because within a month I had a better paying job, so we bought the property.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the land, the towns and people within Arcadia Valley and have become a member of Meadow Heights; a truly incredible church. Come back to the web site occasionally and follow our progress as we improve the farm, add campsites and cabins, schedule workshops and build our home. We have a working sawmill on the land to use wood that would other wise be wasted, for various projects around the farm.
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